IR policy

Cloudberry seeks to engage in an open and continuous dialogue with the financial market. The company’s investor relations policy covers guidelines for the company’s contact with shareholders and the financial community.

Cloudberry will ensure equal treatment and equal opportunities to access relevant information. All information which is deemed material to evaluate the current value and potential of the company will be made available as stock exchange releases on and on the company’s web site. All such information will be provided in English.

Cloudberry’s key management engages actively in direct dialogue with analysts and investors. The company practices a silent period of two weeks ahead of result announcements.

The company regularly issue press releases and communicate with stakeholders at conferences and seminars, and via social media, primarily LinkedIn, and in English or local language.

Cloudberry publishes its annual report and quarterly interim financial reports and presentations according to its financial calendar which is published annually on and the company’s website. Notices of General Meetings and documents are published on the web and on Newsweb.

An overview of the company’s current long-term debt, guarantees and corporate funding is included in the annual and interim financial reports.

Cloudberry complies with relevant laws and the Continuing Obligations for companies admitted to trading on Oslo Børs, and seeks to gradually comply fully with the Oslo Børs’ Code of Practice for IR.