Why invest

We provide everyone the opportunity to contribute to the European energy transition by becoming a part owner of our business.

Why invest

We have a long-term growth strategy that rests upon our ability to create value for stakeholders, our ability to use the best possible technology available, bring down costs, enhance sustainable operations and make an important contribution to the necessary energy transition.

We believe in stakeholder alignment and local initiatives. We have invested our own capital to build a Nordic renewable energy company based on a sustainable, profitable and scalable growth platform.

  • Hydro- and wind power owner, developer and operator in the Nordics, with local and experienced teams in both Norway and Sweden
  • Unique exposure to an attractive market dominated by public and foreign private ownership
  • Long-term growth and value creation through organic greenfield projects and structural development of the Nordic hydropower and wind industry
  • Sustainable, scalable, efficient and profitable platform for growth
  • Large development portfolio and several attractive acquisitive growth opportunities
  • Attractive financial model – two producing assets offering running cash flow, two assets under construction and a large development portfolio offering long-term cash flow

Our IR policy follows the following main principles:

  • Announcement of relevant, accurate and timely information about Cloudberry to support regular trading and fair pricing of Cloudberry securities
  • Equal treatment of investors
  • Interaction with capital markets in a way that makes us accessible, reliable and professional

In addition, we comply relevant laws and the Continuing Obligations for companies admitted to trading on Euronext Growth Oslo.