Production history

Cloudberry Clean Energy is constructing a Nordic renewable platform for future generations, developing, owning, and operating hydropower plants and wind farms in Norway and Sweden.
With a long-term perspective, we value partnerships and collaborate closely with employees, shareholders, landowners, and local communities.

Important Information:

This is an estimate of Cloudberry’s accumulated production (proportionate figures, net to Cloudberry). Please see Cloudberry’s financial reports for proportionate production reporting definitions. The figure is updated daily based on input data from each individual power plant. Production volumes can in certain periods deviate from actual volumes due to missing data or the timing of when plants are put into production.

The avoided emissions reported on the hompeage are relative to baseline emissions from the European electricity mix (EU-27 electricity mix, IEA 2022

Please note the following with regards to the data:

  1. The figures do not include two Odin projects Flø (proportionate 3.6 GWH annual estimated production) and Tornbygård (proportionate 5.5 GWH annual estimated production).
  2. The figure does not include the production from the three sold power plants 28.06.24 Finnesetbekken, Usma and Bjørgelva which had a production in 1H 2024 of ~15.5 GWh (14.9 GWH in Q2 24)
  3. The figure includes test production in Kvemma prior to Close of the transaction. In total 6.3 GWh in Q2 24 that is not Cloud production
  4. The figure does not at present include the increased ownership in the Forte portfolio from 34% to 49.99% 28.06.24
  5. The figure does not include a financial power purchase agreement, effectively increasing the annual production of 6.8 GWh net to Cloudberry in the NO2 price area. The production is evenly distributed throughout the year.
  6. Actual 2022 production is ~8 GWh lower than shown due to primarily timing effect of acquired plants.