Born, bred, and operating in the Nordic and in accordance with local tradition, Cloudberry’s corporate culture is closely aligned with the Nordic model, and its principles of multi-level collective bargaining based on the economic foundations of social corporatism.

Cloudberry is very serious about our responsibility towards our employees, and for the impact on the societies where we operate. We take an active approach and report transparently in our annual and sustainability reports about our achievements and performance towards diversity and inclusion, and our wage policies.

Our construction and operation partners have safety policies and report on a variety of measures to safeguard the workplace safety during development projects and ongoing operations. These measures may be training for employees and contractors, procedures for notification of accidents, registration and reporting of nonconformities, whistleblowing etc.

Read more about our sustainability approach, priorities, and achievements in our annual Sustainability Report.


Code of Conduct Cloudberry (pdf)

Supplier Code of Conduct Cloudberry (pdf)

Whistleblowing Policy Cloudberry (pdf)

Transparency Act (pdf)