Cloudberry aims to be a place where it is safe and enjoyable to work, aspiring to be recognized as a reputable business and a good neighbor.

Cloudberry is a Nordic company that follows local traditions and values. Our focus on renewable energy and sustainable practices reduces our environmental impact, while also creating jobs and stimulating economic growth in local communities.

To ensure full transparency about our practices, we report on diversity, inclusion, salary policies, and similar aspects in our annual and sustainability reports.

Our construction and operations partners meticulously adhere to health, safety, and environmental guidelines. We implement comprehensive measures to ensure workplace safety, including training, follow-up on alerts, and reporting of incidents.

Read more about our sustainability approach, priorities, and achievements in our annual Sustainability Report.

Cloudberry fully aligned with the Transparency Act

The development and production of renewable energy require exceptional individuals taking bold actions. We are driven by people and mutual trust and respect, both within our own business and throughout the supply chain. Adhering to laws and regulations is, of course, essential for us to achieve our goals. The Transparency Law is a Norwegian law designed to promote businesses' respect for human rights and decent working conditions. Learn more about the Transparency Law here.

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Code of Conduct Cloudberry (pdf)

Supplier Code of Conduct Cloudberry (pdf)

Whistleblowing Policy Cloudberry (pdf)

Cloudberry Transparency Act Report 2022 (pdf)

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Suna F. Alkan, Chief Sustainability Officer