Charlotte Bergqvist awarded the prestigious price Årets Kraftkvinna – 2022

Our own Charlotte Bergqvist has been awarded the prestigious price Årets Kraftkvinna – 2022 (Powerwoman of the year) in Sweden. The award goes to inspiring role models in the energy industry in order to promote and bring attention to women in the industry and equal opportunities.

"We are super proud of Charlotte receiving the award Årets Kraftkvinna", says Anders Lenborg, CEO of Cloudberry. "She is an inspiration to us all and has been a visual leader in the energy market for many years. She is leading by example, has improved the gender balance in Cloudberry and attracted new and important competence. We are facing tremendous challenges globally in terms of securing enough renewable energy. To succeed, we need to attract and keep the best talent – of all genders", Anders concludes.

"We cannot continue to underperform when it comes to equal opportunities and gender balance in the energy industry", Charlotte Bergqvist says. "I am humble and grateful for the recognition as Årets Kraftkvinna and will use this platform to attract the best competence to our industry, shed light on our opportunities and challenge status quo. Inclusion is the way forward if we want to accelerate the transition from fossil to renewable energy", Charlotte says.