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Anders J. Lenborg

Chief Executive Officer

Anders is the founder of Cloudberry. He is an experienced lawyer within infrastructure and renewable energy acquisitions in the Nordics. Anders has previously been the Head of Energy Sector Group in DLA Piper Norway where he was a partner. He holds a law degree from University of Oslo and a postgraduate diploma from King's College in London.


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Christian A. Helland

Chief Value Officer

As CVO, Christian is responsible for the finances of the company. He is since 2008 a lead investor for renewable projects in the Nordics and Germany. He has 13 years of experience from private equity and the finance industry. He was previously partner and portfolio manager at Pareto Asset Management. Christian holds a Master in Systems Engineering from Cornell University, a Master in Business Economics from University of California SB and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, SB.


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Suna F. Alkan

Chief Sustainability Officer

Suna is responsible for sustainable business and investor relations. She has more than 20 years of experience from positions in sales, human resources and asset management, from international companies such as Microsoft Norway, Adecco Norway, and from the leading Norwegian financial institutions ODIN Fund Management and Pareto Asset Management. Suna holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from BI Norwegian School of Management and from Oslo Metropolitan University.


Andreas Thon Aasheim farve

Andreas Thon Aasheim

Chief Commercial Officer

Andreas will be responsible for business development of industry and energy projects, communication and government relations, and development of wind and hydropower M&A opportunities and business strategy.
He has 11 years of experience from NORWEA, where he worked with a broad set of financial and regulatory topics. He has an extensive network across relevant players, politicians and stakeholders, both in the Nordics as well as internationally. Aasheim holds a MS.c in Finance from NHH.


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Jon Gunnar Solli

Chief Operating Officer

Jon Gunnar is responsible for day to day operations of the Cloudberry portfolio. He is a former CFO and investment manager with more than 20 years of experience from the asset management industry. Jon Gunnar was previously a CFO/CIO at OVF, Nordea Asset Management, SpareBank 1 Livsforsikring and Storebrand.He holds a Master in Accounting & Auditing from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and is a state authorised public accountant.


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Tor-Arne Pedersen

Chief Development Officer

Tor-Arne has 30 years' experience within the renewable sector. He is responsible for building twelve hydro power stations and three major wind projects in Sweden and Norway.

Tor-Arne holds a Bachelor from Trondheim College of Engineering and a Master from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)


Marie N Gulsvik

Marie N. Gulsvik

Group Accounting Manager

Marie is responsible for the Groups accounting and reporting. She has 3 years of experience from audit and transaction advisory from EY, and 10 years as accounting manager and CFO in different companies in Reitangruppen’s business area Uno-X Energi. Marie holds a Master in Finance and a Master in Accounting and Auditing from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).


Roger Grøndahl farge

Roger Grøndahl

Project Manager

Roger is responsible for development of onshore and offshore wind power projects, mostly in Norway. Prior to co-founding Skogvind, he built broad experience from the power and utilities industry, having worked over six years as a consultant in industry leader THEMA and lastly financially focused Krafthuset. Roger holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Economics and Technology Management, specializing in operations research, finance, and electrical energy.


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Sebastian Prause

Project Manager

Sebastian has 9 years’ experience from the wind power sector ranging from developing green field projects to the delivery of turnkey wind farms to end costumer.

BSc in construction engineering from Karlstad University and MSc in wind power management from Gotland University.


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Ingemar Andersson

Wind Analyst

Ingemar has 12 years’ experience at Scanergy. He has taken multiple wind power projects from idea to operational wind farms.

He holds a degree in environmental science from the University of Luleå.


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Stefan Larsson

Environmental Lawyer

Stefan has 12 years’ experience from the Scanergy group. He specialises in environmental law and the full spectrum of applications for wind power projects. Stefan has previously worked at county administrative board in Värmland county. He holds a degree of Master of Laws from the University of Uppsala.


Elisabet Wahlstedt färg

Elisabet Wahlstedt

Project Manager

Elisabet has 5 years experience from the wind sector, mostly within onshore wind project development in Swedish utility Vattenfall. Prior to Cloudberry, she worked as a project manager at a local electricity grid company in Karlstad. Elisabet holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Economics and Technology Management, specializing in Energy and Environment from Lund University, Faculty of Engineering.


Malin Wahlman färg

Malin Wahlman

Communication Manager

Malin has 7 years of experience working with strategic as well as operational communication, in both private and public sector. Malin has previously worked in both media and energy industry, most recently as a communicator at a fiber and electricity network company. Malin is a trained communicator at Karlstad University.