Our strategy

Sustainable growth, optimisation and value creation for our stakeholders.

We have a long-term growth strategy that rests upon our ability to create value for stakeholders, and our ability to use the best possible technology available, bring down costs, enhance sustainable operations and make an important contribution to the necessary energy transition.

We will realise growth through organic greenfield development and by taking part in structural development of the Nordic renewable energy industry.

Sustainable growth

  • Organic growth through greenfield development of hydropower plants and wind farms
  • Maintain scalable platform for growth
  • Utilise new technology and digitalisation to drive efficiency across the entire value chain
  • Grow and mature backlog and pipeline continuously
  • Identify and pursue M&A growth opportunities


  • Generate short-term cash flow from producing assets, long-term cash flow from developments
  • Partnering model to ensure quality, cost and capital efficiency, outsourcing construction, operations and maintenance
  • Relentless focus on cost efficiency and competitiveness
  • Cultivating portfolio to ensure diversification and balance through M&A and selective divestments
  • Combined team experience and track records enable an integrated business model

Value creation

  • Using a local and sustainable approach to build trust and create long-term sustainable value for stakeholders
  • Aligning stakeholder interests through the value chain
  • Listing of company to provide access to capital, value sharing, transparency for society and an investment opportunity in hydro and wind power